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A Little Diegel History

About 1836 two brothers, Jacob and George Diegel with their families and a father of either George or Jacob's wife left their home in Hassel Greis, Rothenberg, Hurhessen, Germany, and sailed for America.

They settled near Amherst in Loraine County at a place called Black River. Jacob and Mary Christina came to Auglaize County sometime in the early 1860's along with their children and grandchildren. George was in Auglaize County before 1842. Both brothers settled in Washington Township near New Knoxville and were farmers.

Jacob Diegel was born November 10, 1798 and died September 10, 1876. Mary Christina Schwartzen was born October 2, 1799 and died September 6, 1876.

Adam Diegel

Adam Diegel was born February 2, 1843 in Black River, Ohio and moved to Auglaize County before the Civil War with his parents. Near the close of the war, he went as a substitute. He enlisted February 10, 1865 and was discharged in Winchester, VA on September 1, 1865. They rode on open flat-cars in a cold rain without shelter. He took cold which resulted in bronchitis. He never was free of this affliction. At the time of the Civil War, there was little schooling for some children. Adam had more schooling than the other children. They came to him for help in their business affairs. He was a sincere Christian, always had family worship and attended church as long as his health permitted. Adam died July 14, 1890.

He married Adelia Josephine Smith May 4, 1871. Adelia was born May 31, 1850 in Auglaize County and died February 28, 1889 of measles. When she was very ill before her death, Adam went to Wapakoneta to get Dr. Nichols. He took cold and the strain of her death brought on tuberculosis which caused his death 17 months later at the age of 47. Adelia taught school for awhile before her marriage. The Diegel's owned the farm just west of the Smith's home. Adelia came to live with Adam's parents. They could not speak English, so she learned German. They called her "Deta". She joined the Salem Evangelical church which was German all her life. She was very small, wore a No. 1 shoe. Both Adam and Adelia are buried in the Shinbone Cemetery. After Adam's death in 1890, Adam's sister, Eliza (who lived with them) and Fanny raised the other 4 children.

Adam and Adelia had 5 children: Fanny Alice, Louis Jacob, Mary Christena, Linna Eliza, and Henry Adam.

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