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Marker Genealogy Home Page

Welcome to the genealogy home page of René Marker.
A few of the names you will find on this page are: Marker, Stoll, Diegel,
Casey, Taylor**, and Dearbaugh**. Of course there are many other names
in my ancestry and they are located in my direct ancestry link.

** Links not active yet!

I have set up several different links on this page to various branches of my family.
They include my paternal grandparents, my maternal great-grandparents,
and my maternal great-great grandparents.
These are the descendancy charts of each person.

Robert E Marker Sr  |   George W Stoll  |   Adam Diegel  |  
Thomas Casey  |   William P Taylor  |   George Dearbaugh  |  
Christmas Memories  |   In Loving Memory  |   My Ancestors

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Last updated October 8, 2004


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Robert E Marker Sr George W Stoll Adam Diegel Thomas Casey Christmas Memories In Loving Memory My Ancestors